Toddler Unit

The Toddler Unit has 3 separate rooms with a variety of interest-areas to provide stimulating and engaging environments.

The toddlers are able to access free-flow play to the outside area where they can extend their opportunities to explore and investigate.  Sensory play is a favourite with textured salt dough readily available.  Wet and dry spaghetti can often be found in the sensory table!!  A cosy book area in the bay window encourages language and communication and on the windowsill lives Gary our Giant African Land Snail!   Toddlers are fond of all of the nursery pets: the manager’s dogs, guinea pig, ducks, chickens etc and go on bug hunts around the extensive garden. They have created a village of little houses that they love (and extends their role-play).  They are able to dig (sand and dirt) so we have filled a large tyre with soil and we have two different height sand-pits.  Toddlers have a quiet time after lunch, and can rest throughout the day if required.