“Children make good progress in most areas of their learning and development as a result of the delivery of effective educational programmes. Caring and enthusiastic staff use good teaching techniques and deploy themselves well. They provide an interesting and busy environment which enables children to initiate much of their own learning. All children enter the setting happily and many are reluctant to go home. They clearly enjoy learning through play as they move confidently between activities, making choices and interacting with their friends.” OFSTED 2013

‘I wish we had found you sooner, this year has flown by and we couldn’t be happier with the care and preschool education that you have given our daughter,’  FL 2013

‘We have received the most wonderful, rock-like dependable, friendly, loving, thoughtful, genuine, dedicated, fun, patient, professional, kind, year round care from the Abbotswood family through 8 years’. SA 2011

‘…you and your team have played a huge role in preparing the boys for their next steps and we will be forever grateful’. KL 2011. ‘Thank you for such a detailed and helpful report. It really helps to read your comments and know that she is looked after this well at Abbotswood. We could not be more pleased.’ DM 2011

‘It is our last THANK YOU for all that you have done for our son. He has been so happy to come to Preschool, no parent could ask for anything more! You all go the extra mile and work so incredibly hard. You make it look so easy, as parents we know it really isn’t. Thank you for every time you had the chance to chat with or play with or listen to our son; every single moment has counted and we really appreciate it. Our son has enjoyed every minute. We will all miss you. THANKS for everything.’ JM 2011