Childcare Facilities

Nursery team

As early childhood professionals we encourage an environment in which young children can grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually.  We pride ourselves in providing a high quality educational programme and knowledgeable, dependable care for your child.

We believe in the importance of working together with parents/carers to provide the very best for every individual child in our setting.  As a team we believe working with parents creates the best environment for children and we recognise parents as the child’s first educator therefore we really value the thoughts, information and support that they provide.

The children within our care are treated as individuals and as such move to the next area/group when they are ready to do so, after parental and key person/group worker consultation.

We are proud of our staff retention record and pride ourselves in promoting and supporting continuous professional development.

Baby Unit

Self contained, the Baby Unit provides a stimulating care setting for babies aged from 3 months up to approximately 18-20 months.

Prior to your child starting with us weaning and sleep requirements are discussed in detail with parents as part of the induction with a daily chat to ensure that the needs of your baby are met. Parents are able to choose their child’s preferred milk formula. Cloth nappies*, liners, cream and wipes are provided. Parents can also request a specific bottle/trainer cup that the baby is familiar with at home.

The Baby Unit area is divided to make safe space available for both mobile and non-mobile babies. A separate sleep room adjoins the main area. Exciting and investigative toy-play form a large part of your baby’s day with encouragement and support from the knowledgeable and caring staff. After consultation with the parents, they will begin to ‘visit’ the Toddler Unit. The Baby Unit key team worker will help them settle with the Toddler team before the transition is complete. During this time, parents will be invited to tour the Toddler unit to meet the child’s transition key person and to familiarise themselves with the new environment.

Toddler Unit

The Toddler Unit has 3 separate rooms with a variety of interest-areas to provide stimulating and engaging environments.  The toddlers are able to access free-flow play to the outside area where they can extend their opportunities to explore and investigate.  Sensory play is a favourite with textured salt dough readily available.  Wet and dry spaghetti can often be found in the sensory table!!  A cosy book area in the bay window encourages language and communication and on the windowsill lives Gary our Giant African Land Snail!   Toddlers are fond of all of the nursery pets: the manager’s dogs, guinea pig, chickens etc and go on bug hunts around the extensive garden. They have created a village of little houses that they love (and extends their role-play).  They are able to dig (sand and dirt) so we have filled a large tyre with soil and we have two different height sand-pits.  Toddlers have a quiet time after lunch, and can rest throughout the day if required. 


Preschool is located in the extended adjoining cottage. The open-plan arrangement allows children access to the available activities. The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ promotes stimulating opportunities for children throughout their day with a balance of child-led and adult-led activities. The conservatory offers free-flow to the outside play areas which extend to approximately ¾ acre of fenced land. In preschool the key person continues to complete the ‘learning journeys’ that are begun when the child commences at nursery. Parents are encouraged to contribute information from home to share experiences to include in their books. When the children leave, their learning journey books go with them to ‘big school’ as they continue with the Early Years Foundation  Stage in their Reception year and are a long-term tangible reflection of your child’s time at Abbotswood.


We love to see our children return……..

We can provide care during school holidays for children who have gone on to ‘big school’ and who are aged 5 or under.

The nursery has discounts of 15% for the older sibling and 14% for teachers who use the setting for term time only care.

We are a fully inclusive day care provider and our normal opening hours are 8:00am – 5:45pm*

* hours outside these times can be negotiated with the Manager.

Hampshire County Council will pay for Early Years Education for 3 and 4 year olds the term after their 3rd birthday. You can claim up to 15 hours a week* of funding during Hampshire term time only.

*To be able to claim the full 15 hours you must attend no more than 2 settings for 3 days a week (this only applies to children attending term time).  The hourly amount for the funded hours is £4.38 per hour (as at 1 August 2012).

If your child attends more than funded hours the nursery will charge for those hours separately at £4.38 an hour. Abbotswood provides home cooked meals** (lunch and tea) which our professional cook prepares fresh each day, plus two healthy snacks a day. Depending on your attendance, meals may be charged separately.

Abbotswood will provide an invoice each term with a breakdown of any additional costs outside of the Early Education Funding.

**If you are interested in providing your own meals please contact the Nursery as we have guidelines we need to follow.

More information about Early Years Funding

4Children has published a non-statutory document with the aim of giving parents an overview of the EYFS Framework 2012.